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Penn Kids Share Their Celebrity Crushes

We all have that one special person who gives us the jitters. That guy who bought us a drink last Tuesday at Smoke’s. The girl who studies in Annenberg on Tuesdays at 2 and eats at Magic Carpet on Mondays at 12 and lives on the corner of 41st and Spruce — not that we know. But for many, stars of the big screen manage to take our breath away and fill those lonely Friday nights. Film caught up with a few big names on campus and asked them about their celebrity crushes. Check out for the rest of the responses.

Crush: Eva Mendes
When I fell in love: Hitch, specifically the scene where she nurses Will Smith back to health after his allergic reaction to shellfish. I have a bunch of allergies and could use her help.
Why I’m head over heels: She can be a bad–ass (Once Upon a Time in Mexico, 2 Fast 2 Furious) but still have a quirky, fun side (Hitch, Funny or Die’s “Eva Mendes Sex Tape”).  Also the fact that she’s fairly attractive doesn’t hurt.
Would it work out: Last I heard she was single, so I have a shot. But most likely no, since I can’t salsa dance for my life and my Hitch references would quickly get old (as they already have to most people).
Your ideal evening together: Dinner in Old City, a concert at First Unitarian Church or Johnny Brenda’s to show my indie side and then probably a club to do some dancing.
What she would love about me: My attempts to be smooth and subsequent comedic failure at doing so.
What she would do at Penn: SPEC Film Society, La Casa Latina, MERT and Penn Sailing (because she’d have some random talent like that).
Sam Gorski, Head of SPEC Concerts

My Celebrity Crush: Emma Watson
When I fell in love: The scene where she walks down the steps at the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire.
Why I’m head over heels: That beauty, coupled with that talent, coupled with that charm, coupled with that British accent. Wowza.
Would it work out: Technically anything can work out.
Your ideal evening with this person: A night in London. I like it when the girl is the one with the expertise.
What would she love about me: My irresistible charm. Also known as my American ways.
What would she be involved in at Penn: Our Quidditch team, of course.
Jibran Khan, Senior Class President

Crush: Anton Yelchin
When I fell in love: Like Crazy
Why I’m head over heels: I mean… you’ve got to love that hair.
Would it work out: Totally. If he’s anything like he is in the movies, he’s a total romantic.
Your ideal evening together: Gazing into each others’ eyes without speaking a single word. Okay, now I’m just pretending I was in Like Crazy…
What he would love about me: My strong personality. He looks like a little puppy that just needs some love and guidance.
What he would do at Penn: He would absolutely work at the Kelly Writers House. And he’d probably do some weird, experimental theater with iNtuitons. But I’d make him work on every Q show.
Jessica Dignam, Head of Quadramics

Crush: Young Brad Pitt (or Brad Pitt without all this goatee nonsense)
When I fell in love: Fight Club
Why I’m head over heels: I wouldn’t say it’s for the most profound of reasons… that said, the humble roots in Oklahoma and the first job as the “el Pollo Loco” chicken would make for interesting conversation. Also, I’d be curious to learn why he ever thought six children would be a good idea.
Would it work out: Obviously. I’m Tyler. He was Tyler Durden. It’s destiny.
Your ideal evening together: Dinner, wine and a casino visit.
What would he do at Penn: Most likely, I see him in BMOC and/or DZine2Show. Most ideally, he’d be a Civic House leader. I think he and Katie McCabe would make wonderful co–workers. Plus, I expect his presence would suddenly increase the sense of civic duty on campus.
— Tyler Ernst, UA President

My Celebrity Crush: It’s a toss up between Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Palin. Let’s go with Sarah. [Ed note: of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, of course]
When I fell in love: On a trip back from Russia, Sarah convinced me to make a quick stop in Alaska. She just had to see me. The next thing I know I’m having brunch with the parents, going on shopping trips to Saks Fifth Avenue, and life is splendid.
Why I’m head over heels: She’s just so incredibly intelligent. It really turns me on.
Would it work out: Of course it would — just like it did for Bristol and Levi.
Your ideal evening with this person: Our ideal evenings actually happen every Saturday night. We generally like to pre–game with a warm cup of tea at Saxby’s, then head out to the frat parties on Spruce. Before she had to get all political, we called this our little “tea party.”
What would he/she love about me: I’m a Maverick.
What would he/she be involved in at Penn: Penn Shooting Club.
Jonathon Youshaei, Junior Class President

My Celebrity Crush: Hrithik Roshan
When I fell in love: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. In my infatuated 12–year old state I downloaded over 81 images of him onto my floppy disk, all using dial–up internet. Those 37 hours were so worth it.
Why I’m head over heels: I’m confused… have you seen him?
Would it work out: We already tried and it didn’t.
Your ideal evening with this person: Frolicking through a meadow, dancing and playing peek–a–boo behind trees, as we serenade each other with traditional Bollywood song. His wife would be out of the picture, of course.
What would he love about me: Hrithik would love my exotic culinary skills –– I make some mean Indo–Trinidadian dishes.
What would he be involved in at Penn: We already established how attractive he is so the answer is quite obvious: SPEC.
Kambiri Cox, Head of SPEC Film

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