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Drexel: They’re Just Like Us!

It’s fair to say that Penn students don’t think much of Drexel. Scratch that — they don’t think about Drexel at all. So it may come as a shock that Drexel not only has a campus (!!!), but it also boasts some beautiful architecture, lively student life and a somewhat befuddling mascot. In other words, they may not be as different from us as we think.

Penn: The lovable and thoroughly frightening Quaker. Oh, sorry, the “Fighting Quaker.” Note to future universities: pacifists don’t make the most intimidating of mascots.
Drexel: A really badass dragon named “Mario the Magnificent.” Why not “Draco the Daring” or “Daryl the Deadly”? Coming up with alliterations that start with D isn’t that difficult.

Penn: The long–running Daily Pennsylvanian and a little doo–dad called Street.
Drexel: The Triangle, although the origins of the name remain a little unclear. Pascal’s Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle? A little mystery is always good for business.

Dorm Post–It Art
Penn: Emoticons, birthday wishes and internet memes abound. The high rise kids are never gonna let us down when it comes to window messages.
Drexel: “Swag Daddy.” Enough said.

Late–Night Pizzerias
Penn: Allegro: where the food tastes so much better after 2 a.m.
Drexel: The self–explanatory Drexel Pizza. It’s like Allegro’s pizza brother from another mother.
Most Dangerous Spot
Penn: 40th and Walnut. Between the McDonald’s, Rave Theater and FroGro, it’s like a holy trinity of crime.
Drexel: 40th and Walnut. They really are just like us.
Greek Houses
Penn: An eclectic assortment of houses in varying states of decay.
Drexel: Gorgeous town houses with perfectly manicured lawns, Ionian columns and marble fountains. It’s good to be Greek.

Penn: Having sex under the button and peeing on Ben Franklin. Stay classy, Penn.
Drexel: If you rub the toe of the Drexel Dragon, you’ll have good luck. The Drexel Gent would be proud.

Penn: The Class of 1920s Commons, which boasts a menu of undercooked pizza, stale desserts and expired nacho cheese — oh, sorry, just puked in my mouth a bit there.
Drexel: The gorgeous Ross Commons, which includes flatscreen TVs, Victorian decor, billards tables and the popular brunch hotspot Sabrina’s Cafe. How is this fair?


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Images by Faryn Pearl

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By DrexelSr on November 10, 2011 at 5:31 am

This article got some things wrong… the origin of the triangle originates from the old school emblem. and you don’t rub Mario’s toe (who was named for a student who never missed a basketball game home or away btw) you rub the waterboy statue’s toe in main building. Finally, Drexel Pizza – only open till 10pm, is not our late night Pizzeria, that would be Savas or Eds. Little more research would be wonderful for next time.

By studentambassadorftw on November 10, 2011 at 5:31 am

this made me laugh but it also offended me how uneducated the person who wrote this is a) mario the magnificent is named after an alum (mario mascioli (sp?)) who was a great supporter of our basketball team and went to every single game for 20 years in a row b) the triangle is named so because of our original drexel crest which was shaped like a triangle in a circle, it was also the bottom of the fountain in the quad before they started construction c) drexel pizza is good, savas is better d) its not rubbing the toe of mario that brings you good luck but the foot of the waterboy statue in main building e) i agree that sabrinas cafe is amazing! lol

By a beautiful man on November 10, 2011 at 5:31 am

ah come on drexel

it’s a snarky humor piece

crawl out of your caves and lighten up a bit

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