FilmOctober 20, 2011 at 5:29 am

What Not to See at the Philadelphia Film Festival

The Philadelphia Film Festival begins today and ends November 3rd, and since you can’t make it to every screening, you better know which to avoid. Having seen some of the line–up, these are the few to miss. So, what should you see? Cut out our schedule on the back page.

The Conquest
This film is about as French as you can get, and we don’t just mean the language. Delving into the personal life and rise in power of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, you’ll be taken through the ups and downs of French politics. Unfortunately, the acting and production is the downfall here. The Conquest would be really incredible… for a Lifetime original.



House of Tolerance
All the glamour of French cinema is wrapped up and contained in a brothel in House of Tolerance. Focusing on the women who work at The Apollonide, this film manages to disturb viewers while still leaving us oddly unsatisfied — much like the women’s clients. Unless you’re into things like women crying tears of semen (yes, that really happens). Skip it.


Sleeping Beauty
Not your typical fairytale, this Australian film explores the intricacies of a woman who leads a disturbingly normal life while carrying on a frightening side job. Signing up to cater erotic parties, she finds that working her way up in the field means being put to sleep while older men, seeking sex and discretion, have their way with her. While the story piques viewer interest, the execution is creepily more mundane than satiating.

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