HighbrowOctober 13, 2011 at 6:38 am

Toasts & Roasts 10/13

Fall break may feel like nothing more than a glorified three–day weekend, but that’s only because you don’t know how to work it. Toasts to those who made the most of the holiday.
This past Saturday, Penn kids came out to Sensation in full force. Juniors, both abroad and not–abroad, flocked to Barcelona to dance to DJs they’ve never heard of and sweat through their obligatory all–white outfits. One AEPi guy even booked a hotel suite at the W and hosted a pregame so that no one would have to suffer Sensation sober. How generous. And despite rumors that lunatics were running around with HIV–infected needles, everyone survived the night, with everything intact but his/her dignity.

With Yom Kippur over break, many JewPenn kids spent time devoutly repenting for their sins with fasting and prayer. Others, not so much. We hear a group of SDT girls and ZBT guys tripped to something other than Manischewitz. Certainly an interesting way to reflect on the new year… we like the creativity.

In the days leading up to break, Highbrow noticed some sketch behavior. And you thought you had gotten away with it…
The weekend before break, ATO hosted a Circus Berzerkus party complete with a bouncy castle and a super creepy clown. Two crazy freshmen co–opted the castle as their own personal sex spot. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “get a room.” But seriously, get one.

In the billionth chapter of Reasons Why Penn Alert Sucks, a man unaffiliated with Penn was shot in the head at 44th and Market, and we didn’t get so much as a text about it. Just to clarify, in terms of dangerous things we want to know about, people gettting shot in the head are pretty high up there. Just keep it in mind, thanks.

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