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QUIZ: What the hell is that?!

Think you know Penn? Think again. Take Street’s quiz and try to identify these super zoomed in photos of familiar Penn items.

Scroll down to find the answers

Question 1:

a. Chicken Quesadillas from Copa
b. Allegro’s BBQ Chicken Pizza
c. A gyro from Greek Lady

Question 2:

a. The entrance of Cohen Hall
b. The entrance of Theta’s chapter house
c. The entrance of Amy Gutmann’s house

Question 3:

a. Ben Franklin’s shoe on Locust
b. Ben Franklin’s shoe in front of College Hall
c. The foot of a gargoyle in the Quad

Question 4:

a. A tile outside of Annenberg
b. The Compass
c. The outside of the Kappa Sig chapter house

Question 5:

a. The button in front of Van Pelt
b. Student artwork on a drying rack in the Addams’ building
c. The desk inside a GSR

Question 6:

a. The La Vie food truck
b. A painting in Van Pelt
c. The KoJa food truck

Question 7:

a. Ben Franklin’s hand on Locust Walk
b. The hands on the Charles Addams’ gate
c. The immortalization of Amy Gutmann signing her tenure contract

Question 8:

a. The inside of a Marketing 101 textbook
b. The timeline on the walls of Hunstman
c. A copy of Street

Question 9:

a. The benches outside of Van Pelt
b. A plaque outside of Collge Hall
c. A dedication inside Houston Hall

Question 10:

a. The outside of the Annenberg Public Policy Center
b. The outside of Huntsman
c. The outside of Hillel


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1:b; 2:c; 3:a; 4:b; 5:a; 6:c; 7:b; 8:b; 9:a; 10:b;

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