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New Truck’s On the Block

Pure Fare made it to West Philly, but when it comes to the grub, it's got a ways to go.

Adrian Franco | 34th Street
Last year, Pure Fare arrived in Rittenhouse to join the series of cafes that make up Philly’s organic lunch scene. Now, they’ve launched a food truck on Coup de Taco’s old turf.
Pure Fare’s truck is serving up a host of pre–made sandwiches and salads — a small list on which they’ll expand once they get more refrigerator space installed.
The Mexican Grilled Chicken Salad ($7.50) came with chicken that was thinly sliced, flavorful and moist served atop mixed greens, jicama, avocado, roasted sweet potato and other veggies. The cubes of roasted sweet potatoes were a nice surprise, since they weren’t included in the menu description. Their sweetness complimented the chipotle scallion dressing.
The Zucchini “Noodle” Salad ($7) was a strange mix of flavors. These are not noodles, but spaghetti–like strips of raw zucchini paired with cherry tomatoes, edamame, red peppers and chives. We found the lemon miso dressing too sweet for an otherwise bland salad.
We splurged for a Roast Turkey and Plum Chutney Sandwich ($7.50), accented with sliced plum and chutney spread. We liked the turkey, chunks rather than thin slices, but overall not hearty enough for the steep price. Plus, the red onions failed to cut through the sweetness of the plum and chutney spread, leaving the overall flavor of the sandwich one–dimensional.
The Goat Brie and Fig Sandwich ($7) is a solid vegetarian option. The goat brie, arugula, roasted peppers and caramelized onion fig spread combination was full–flavored and diverse in texture. But like the turkey, this portion was unsatisfactory and left us hungry.
Our advice? Stick with Sweetgreen, especially if you’re hungry and like your meals prepared to order.


Pure Fare
40th bet. Spruce and Locust St.
(267) 318–7441

Don’t Miss: Mexican Grilled Chicken Salad
Skip: Noodles that are actually zucchini

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