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Artist Profile: Alexandria Goree

Name and Year: Alexandria Goree, 2012
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Major: Fine Arts and Communications
Medium of Choice: Graphic Design

Street: How did it all start? Did your interest in photography, drawing and painting precede your interest in graphic design or vice versa?
Alexandria Goree: I started out in drawing, painting and photography. When I came to Penn, I continued photography but was drawn to graphic design for its everyday applications and because it combines my two majors, art and communications. I still use my drawing and photography background when I incorporate images into my design work.

Street: What kind of work do you do for your clients and how involved are they in your work? Do they ever limit your creativity?
AG: The work I’ve done for clients has included brochures, page layout, ads, book illustration, logos and websites. The amount of client involvement has varied. They sometimes have very specific requests. Other times I’ve received little instruction. The process usually involves me creating a design that I feel works, then showing them drafts and editing until they are happy with the result. I never really feel limited because being a graphic designer means being as creative as possible while being able to work with whatever constraints I’m given. It actually pushes me to think differently.

Street: What designers/everyday objects/anything inspire you?
AG: I’m most inspired by contemporary and popular culture. I enjoy looking at ads, fliers and print items I come across that for whatever reason strike my attention.

Street: What has been your favorite project so far, and why was it so rewarding?
AG: One of my most influential projects was an independent photography project, in which I photographed scenes and objects most would find gross or disgusting but emphasized their beautiful qualities. The assignment helped me establish a voice that I now incorporate into my current work.

Street: Do you prefer doing work on a computer or in print?
AG: I personally find it more rewarding to create something in print form that I can physically hold in front of me.

Street: Tell us about what you’ve created this year. What are you working on right now?
AG: In my most recent project, I designed an instruction manual for an elaborate machine. I deliberately made the directions confusing and left out information, in order to make you question the functionality and reality of this mysterious device. It appears complex and technical, but you can’t make out how it’s built and what it actually does.

Street: What do you see for yourself in the future?
AG: I’d like to work as a graphic designer or in a creative discipline. My field offers many possibilities so I’m keeping an open mind. It would be great to work for an advertising or publishing company.

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