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No Libs Swim Club hits its mark


Laura Francis

From the outside, Arrow Swim Club appears like a walled fortress, with a high wooden barrier separating it from the urban landscape it is planted squarely upon. Like an island perched in a sea of concrete, Arrow distances itself from its neighbors, creating an air of exclusivity and taking a defiant stance against the fast–pace of the city that surrounds it.

Stepping inside feels like entering another time and place. Modern and trendy like the nearby apartment complexes that flank it, the club nonetheless reaches for a nostalgia, tapping into the carefree feeling of summer and the sunny charisma of the West coast. Towels are dispensed by a retro painted trailer, and a firepit in the corner looks made for an ocean breeze and a folk singer with a guitar.


Laura Francis

For the more business–minded, the club offers cabanas with all the bells and whistles, including flat screen TVs, ipod docks, and plush chairs and cushions. For sunbathers, there are two levels to catch the rays. The upper level is upholstered with astro–turf, further hearkening back to the atomic age, and a view of the industrialized skyline that blossoms at sunset.

With a full bar and endless amenities, it’s easy to see how the summer hangout could become a summer residence, especially on weekends. One gets the feeling that the members are all regulars, and that on Saturday nights it’s as rowdy as it is relaxed this Monday afternoon.


Laura Francis

With a steep price tag ($1000 per season), the club may not initally strike one as worth the cost. Yet every detail connotes luxury, making relaxation seem like an art form and an accomplishment. For patrons of means, Arrow is well worth its price tag. Membership only and 21 plus, Arrow Swim Club is an enticing oasis apart from the grind of city living and everyday worries.

Arrow Swim Club
1031 Germantown Ave.
Open through Oct. 16
Tours available everyday 11a.m. to 6 p.m.

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