HighbrowApril 14, 2011 at 4:10 am

The Gutter: 04.14.11

An AEPi mixer over the weekend resulted in a social media spat. Friday night, an SDT girl tweeted a seemingly innocuous complaint about being unable to sleep because of the frat’s music. The next day, she received a short but incendiary Facebook message from a brother telling her “Sweet Caroline is a fucking great song” and to “get used to it.” Who knew Neil Diamond could be so divisive?

A Tuesday night blackout couldn’t put a damper on pre–Fling festivities. Although panicked Radian residents fled their apartments, Smoke’s stayed open and crowded. It might have been tough to identify fellow patrons in the candlelight, but the mood was decidedly festive.

Theta’s date party last Wednesday can only be described as a disaster. According to reports, the trouble began shortly after the girls and their dates began arriving at the venue. Between puking and drinks being thrown at bartenders, it wasn’t long before the doors were shut and everyone was kicked out. Don’t bother trying to book L’Etage for your next event; they’ve allegedly refused to ever host a Penn event again.

Things went from bad to worse for a female student who lost her BlackBerry at an Owls party. The thief began sending pictures of his genitalia to her mobile uploads. The perp then proceeded to call the girl’s friends and demand she meet him in a local park with $75. Using her Penn smarts, she sent a plainclothed Penn police officer instead, who arrived to find three locals with other motives and arrested them all. Neon jackets save the day, once again.

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