Food & DrinkApril 21, 2011 at 2:55 am

How Sweet It Is

The much–anticipated Sweetgreen lives up to its expectations.

It’s not every day — or year — that you find foods to add to your “best I’ve ever had” list. But Sweetgreen’s Sabzi salad/wrap ($7.50) is now on my list. What can I say? They had me at quinoa. The salad comes with baby spinach, spicy quinoa, white beans, raw beets, radishes, basil and sprouts dried cranberries, all “topped with a carrot chili vinaigrette.” It’s vegan and just delicious.

To carb–load, I had it bundled, albeit not well, in a whole wheat wrap and stuffed with the baked falafel ($2), which the man behind the counter adamantly suggested. I debated going with the roasted tofu, but it’s hard to resist an organo–god with tattoos.

The restaurant offers daily soups, too, but my friends and I all went with salads. Heads up: they’re a bit pricy. After much deliberation, we opted for the Bondi Beach (with quinoa instead of wasabi peas and olive oil with fresh lemon juice – $9.50), and a make–your–own mesclun mash–up with grape tomatoes, chickpeas, broccoli and roasted chicken ($8.60 with protein). My dining companions enjoyed their meals, calling them “lighter than Gia’s,” but agreed that the Sabzi was the best.

We finished with tart fro–yo, or “Sweetflow” as they call it. I found it to be lacking flavor and generally sub–par to Saxby’s, but it depends on your tastes (apparently it’s better with Agave Honey).
When I go back, I’d like to try the naked cone ($2.50 for a cone filled with a bit of the tart yogurt) or the Santorini, which comes with roasted shrimp and a cucumber basil yogurt dressing (although for a whopping $10.00 I might as well just go to Greece).

FYI: Get your reusable salad container — there’s a compartment so you can squirt dressing on the go, and you get discounts and free stuff for bring–your–own–bowling.

3924 Walnut St.
(215) 386–1365

Don’t Miss: Baked Falafel
Skip: Getting a wrap. Stick to the salads.

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