MusicApril 14, 2011 at 3:13 am

Deep Cuts: What Tracks to Know for the Fling Concert

Tracks to prepare for the concert.

We all know the guy at the concert who knows everything about everything — and we all know that we can’t be him all the time.  But for Fling (when we should abandon most conventions, anyway) you can be a regular music snob! Just follow our handy guide, as we take you through several of the less obvious cuts that this year’s performers might sneak into their setlists.

“Grape Juice City”
“Spanish Armada”
“Germany to Germany”

Lupe Fiasco
“Gold Watch”
“Hip-Hop Saved My Life”
“The Instrumental”
“I Gotcha”

Flo Rida
“Be On You”
“Right Round”

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