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Best Introduction to a Feature in the Music Section
In the spirit of this issue, we’ve compiled a list of the memorable music happenings so far this year, from Penn to the the wider world.  Read on for our picks:

Best Acoustic Song So Far This Year
“Pictures” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“Pictures” has it all — soothing, multi–tracked vocals, a dreamlike aesthetic and calming guitar work. Expect Bon Iver to win this category, though, once his album comes out in June.

Best Music Class That Isn’t 1000 Years of Music Listening or World Music & Cultures
Jazz: Style and History
If you’re looking for an in–depth inspection of a single genre, take Guthrie Ramsey’s Jazz: Style and History. Ramsey, an accomplished jazz musician, organizes subsidies for tickets to world–renowned concerts and brings in impressive guest performers.

Best Revolutionary Band
Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All
Between Mos Def’s yells of “SWAG!” and Tyler the Creator’s near assault on the cast of Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son, their performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon should be evidence enough.

Best Record Store Accessible via Septa
Repo Records
Though Old City’s AKA Music seems to get all of the props, Repo Records makes for a better all–around experience. Located on the corner of South and 6th Street, the store boasts a friendly staff and an unbeatable collection of used vinyl.

Best Candidate For Album of the Year
James Blake, James Blake
Despite a less–than–enthusiastic first take, this budding London producer’s debut has slowly revealed elements both subtle and gorgeously grating. Blake is a rare artist: at 21, he’s created an album that is fully–realized without taking a whole lot from his predecessors. Don’t be surprised if nothing better comes out before 2012.

Best Concert on Campus
RJD2 with Gold Panda and Dam Mantle at The Arch.
3 cutting–edge musicians in the Iviest of Ivy League buildings. ‘Nuff said.

Best Ke$ha Release So Far This Year
“Blow (Cirkut Remix)”
2011 has been sorely lacking in new music from the trashiest pop diva around. However, she released a remix album a few weeks ago, and this Cirkut remix of “Blow” will at least hold us off until her next album.
Best Spring Fling Concert We Can Find in the DP archives
Sonic Youth, Cat Power and Citizen Cope

Worst Lyric So Far
“Fun, fun, think about fun, you know what it is” (from “Friday” by Rebecca Black)
We have no idea what fun is, Rebecca Black. Could you please explain?

Best Worst Music–Based Trend
Making Jokes About Rebecca Black
She’s like a 5th grade bully: if you ignore her, she’ll just go away.

Best Diagnosis of Where Indie Music is Headed at This Moment in Time: “Nowadays, modern music is all about ‘hazy beaches.’” —Francis Tseng, C’11

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