HighbrowMarch 31, 2011 at 3:12 am

The Gutter: 03.31.2011

Attendees at a weekend party during which a group of new Wharton TAs were initiated got a lot more than they bargained for whencops cracked down on the out of control proceedings. While we’re not sure why an initiation is necessary to be a TA, it’s safe to say the night did not go exactly as planned.

Taps went out for senior societies last week, leaving junior class leaders giddy for this week’s smokers. Unfortunately, we hear most of the hopefuls were well behaved, obviously doing their best to make the all–important good impression.

It seems like all of the action was happening across campus at the annual rave during the soccer teams’ alumni weekend. Swapping spit was the name of the game, as men’s and women’s players focused on inter–team bonding.

Bad news for the Theos boys, whose annual Heaven & Hell party was a bust. For the second straight year, attendance was severely lacking, and an extremely late email to a listserv of female alumnae didn’t help matters at all. Hopefully, the guys had fun playing devil and angel amongst themselves.

Thursday night didn’t go as planned for one SDT girl, who apparently couldn’t make it to her date party… or the bathroom. While we’re told that she was okay, but the same can’t be said for her pants.

Finally, looks like the skeleton has been almost fully resurrected at Skulls. While anyone eying his or her prime real estate might be disappointed, we’re happy to hear the boys are getting back on track.


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