HighbrowMarch 24, 2011 at 4:23 am

The Gutter: 03.24.11

St. Patrick’s Day and a tease of good weather made for a somewhat raucous weekend.

If the half–full classes and copious day–drinking weren’t indication enough of March’s favorite (only?) holiday, the enormous crowd in Blarney should have been. The bar was full all day with increasingly inebriated students, but it seems like the patrons weren’t the only ones who partied too hard. According to some accounts, a certain Blarney bartender had a little too much fun, and instead of deciding to make the trek home, he simply slept in the bar. Guess he’s never heard of Penn Ride.

Meanwhile, back on campus, Phi Delt and A’s both received surprise visits from a biblical OFSA official, who was less than happy with the festivities at the houses. It was the beginning of a banner weekend for the gentlemen of the Hall, whose popular “Night at the Roxbury” party was overshadowed by yet another frat fight. Witnesses reported police activity at the house after the altercation left an A’s sophomore with a split eyebrow.

Unfortunately for the men of Sigma Chi, their unsuccessful party failed for an entirely different reason. Anticipating a meager female turnout, they didn’t procure enough alcohol for the evening. The girls that did show, mostly freshmen and sophomores, were less than thrilled with the offerings at the glorified pregame, and proceeded to look elsewhere (apparently in unlocked bedrooms) for refreshments.

None of these festivities detracted from pledging, though, which continued for frats and Tabard. While you probably missed their late night exercise regimen, you might have caught the girls on either end of their sleepover on College Green. They certainly had it better than Oz pledges, though, whose only option after being completely coated in hot sauce was a milk bath. We hope it was worth it!

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