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Review: Passional Boutique

For all your deviant needs.


Adrian Franco

Tucked away on 5th Street between Kater and Bainbridge, only two blocks away from the garish displays of South Street’s more popular adult boutiques, is a gem for those who want to get serious about erotic exploration. You won’t find any of the gag gifts or bachelorette regalia that seems to fill the tackier sex toy emporiums like Erogenous Zone and Condom Kingdom here. Passional is for the discerning consumer, one who wants to push the boundaries of pleasure with a partner or  — dare we say it? — solo.

Any college gal who has yet to purchase her first vibrator (and, for your sake, we hope there aren’t many of you) or seasoned veterans looking to trade up would be wise to make Passional their first stop. If the South Street stores’ offerings are Hondas, Passional’s unique models, displayed tastefully on the first floor, are Lamborghinis. Off–put by the vulgar, exaggerated anatomy of most battery–operated dildos? Passional carries personal massagers that are both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Lelo, a Swedish company that emphasizes form as well as function, makes a particularly intriguing dual–action vibe that creates a wave of motion from the clitoris to the G–spot. This feature was kindly demonstrated to me by a tactful and knowledgeable male staffer who used the most delicate of diction. Even more amazing is British brand Je Joue’s SaSi, a fascinating oral sex simulator that actually learns your preferences and adapts to please you.


Adrian Franco

However, Passional’s stock goes far beyond love wands. The back room on the ground floor hides an arsenal of men’s toys, such as the Tenga, a sort of classy man’s Fleshlight. The second floor, though, is where shit gets serious. Housing an array of items that cater to almost every fetish, the upstairs showrooms are not for the easily unnerved; but if you’re looking for Shibari robe, leather floggers, latex masks or costumes to aid in pony play, you’ve hit the jackpot. The store is equipped with typed guides placed conveniently next to the items to which they refer. If you’re unsure about which nipple clamps are right for beginners, the writing’s on the wall.

Boasting a whopping three levels, Passional also contains a small gallery of erotic art. And for the devoted leather or rubber fetishist, the organization has an entirely separate outlet for apparel only a few doors down. But perhaps the coolest thing about Passional is that it’s the center of a veritable community. Hosting group classes in the Sexploratorium, and providing a non–judgemental atmosphere for the curious and devoted fetishist alike, Passional is an oasis in a sea of novelty kitsch.

Passional Boutique
704 South 5th St.
(215) 829–4986
What to look for: Pleasure–enhancing accessories.
Bottom line: The sexual deviant’s mecca.

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By Miranda on March 23, 2011 at 4:30 am

Wow, sounds like a really cool place. I am wishing I knew about it before as I was just recently visiting the area and won’t be again for a long while.

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