HighbrowFebruary 24, 2011 at 2:39 am

The Gutter: 02.24.11

By all accounts, the Theos day party last Friday was a rousing success (even some moms showed up!), no doubt helped by the unexpected spring weather. Saturday night was a different story, though, as their Jersey party couldn’t match the success of their Friday fiesta. There was some consolation for one brother, however, who earned a high school prom invite from one of the few guests.

Oz had the opposite problem at its downtown at Voyeur. A sizable Thursday night crowd showed up, only to be mostly turned away by picky bouncers, who were scanning IDs and refusing nearly everyone entry. With a bigger party on the sidewalk, the not–so– rowdy crowd stayed surprisingly tame. If this were Transit we have a feeling something different would have gone down.

Good news for Theta, as a glowing chapter review from nationals has gotten them off probation for the first time in forever. Looks like they’ll even get to have a formal this year.
Speaking of formals, sports stars shouldn’t feel left out, as March could be the month for the first ever athlete formal. Details are still in the works, but if you want to score an invite, you better cozy up to a squash star or join a team ASAP.

Penn students who went to the second annual IvyQ conference at Columbia last weekend had a great time meeting LGBT attendees from the other Ivies. One Penn guy was even caught in a compromising position with a Yale dude in a dorm stairwell. Undeterred, they just kept going. Gotta love that Ivy League effort.

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