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Review: Moe’s Hot Dog House

A classic hot dog joint.

Shreeya Goel

We perused the menu of Moe’s Hot Dog House as we drove to the restaurant on a sunny but frigid Wednesday morning. As we studied the menu, our mouths dropped (somewhat in disgust) as we imagined hot dogs topped with macaroni and baked beans and bacon and other versions of a cholesterol–and–sodium punch in the face.

After getting a little turned around, we finally found Moe’s, a tiny restaurant surrounded by highways and abandoned, worn–down factories. Moe’s is a hot dog haven. The atmosphere in the small restaurant is cheery and retro. A woman carrying her baby could not have been friendlier and acted as a cashier/chef/waitress. Old photographs are hung around the restaurant, the menu is plastered on a wall and… The Price Is Right was playing on a flat–screen TV in the corner.

And, indeed, the price is right at Moe’s as well. There isn’t a thing on the menu over $7, and four of us ate ourselves into oblivion for less than $25. In addition to creative and catchy hot dog names, the food itself does not disappoint. By far our favorite (and the most impressive) hot dog is the “Philly Dog,” a special that included a hot dog, cheese steak, onions and cheese whiz on a long roll.

Another winner is “The PGW,” a perfectly cooked hot dog covered with baked beans and onions. While we love the hot dog itself, we’re not entirely sure if the toppings are totally necessary. “Ed’s Bacon” is a dog worth skipping (Sorry, Ed!). While the promise of a bacon cheese hotdog is enticing, there isn’t enough bacon to make this dog anything special. Moe’s “Corn Dog” is just as a corn dog should be: perfectly fried, a little greasy and disgusting.

As far as sides go, stay simple. The onion rings and fries are classics, but the mac & cheese is lackluster and not worth $2.50. Moe’s also carries a great variety of old–fashioned sodas; we recommend “Levi’s Champ Cherry.”

Moe’s Hot Dog House is an establishment worth visiting at least once. Leave Gia and Chipotle behind and step back into the 1960s to enjoy some classic, delicious hot dogs with a 21st century twist!

2601 Washington Ave.
(215) 465–6637
Don’t Miss: Philly dog
Skip: Ed’s bacon dog

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