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Review: La Dominique Creperie

Yummy dessert!

Alexandra Fleischman

At 34th and Market, La Dominique Creperie is a food truck that’s off the beaten path for most Penn students. However, those who venture closer to Drexel’s neck of the woods won’t be disappointed.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dessert, owner Zbiginiew Chojnacki offers crepes with inventive fillings, like pierogis and cheese, that don’t disappoint. While the truck is not a good choice for those in a hurry, those who do have the time are in for a treat. Watching the care that the Poland native takes in creating his masterpieces is just as enjoyable as eating the crepes themselves.

My party and I started our feast off with the cart’s most popular crepe, The Mexican Crepe ($6). A spicy blend of beef, rice, onion, corn and peppers was literally like a fiesta in my mouth. The heat from the red pepper flakes added a nice kick, while the garnish of fresh vegetables and green salsa gave its appearance some pizazz.

Next, we tried a simple Vegetable Crepe ($5). A vegetarian’s delight, its filling of creamed spinach, broccoli, zucchini and roasted peppers was light in comparison to the menu’s other options, but still heavy on flavor. It was interestingly topped with a sweet and spicy pineapple habanero sauce that added a unique flavor usually not found in traditional crepes.

Happy with our savory options, we eagerly moved onto dessert. We dove into the Banana Strawberry Crepe ($5), once again creatively decorated with dollops of whipped cream and drizzles of chocolate. The heavenly combination of bananas, strawberries and Nutella melted in our mouths. But, we quickly discovered an unusual surprise: pralines. The crunch of the nuts combined with the rest of the rich filling made for a nice mix of textures and gave the crepe some more depth.

We finally finished our marathon with a special Tiramisu Crepe ($6). This concoction was filled with sliced tiramisu and topped with coffee granules, chocolate and a slice of orange. While still yummy (how can chocolate, cake and crepe ever really taste bad?), the tiramisu and the crepe together felt a little too mushy, and the flavors of the Italian cake got lost in its crepe blanket.

Overall though, this food truck scores high marks. With its top–notch ingredients, I would recommend La Dominique’s to anyone looking for gourmet flavors minus the gourmet prices.

Between 33rd and 34th on Market St.
Don’t Miss: Strawberry banana Nutella crepe
Skip: Tiramisu crepe

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