FilmFebruary 24, 2011 at 2:55 am

Oscars Drinking Game

Street is double–tasking this Sunday night as we take a tour–de–Franzia while watching the Oscars (we’ll also be liveblogging — don’t miss it at!). Because we know you’re classy like that, we’re publishing our Academy Awards drinking game so you can follow along at home. You may not remember who won Best Picture, but it will make the honorary Oscar montage more bearable.


— Someone makes a comment supporting gay marriage

— Someone’s crying impedes his or her speech

— The music cuts someone off mid–speech

— The camera cuts to angry reactions of the losers

— Giuliana Rancic says something xenophobic, homophobic, racist or otherwise insulting

— James Franco promotes himself

— Anne Hathaway turns a totally random moment into an opportunity to show off her singing skills (seriously, cast her in Burlesque 2 already)

— An inappropriate picture or video appears on the Oscar death reel

— An award winner can’t speak English

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