HighbrowFebruary 3, 2011 at 3:10 am

Gutter: 02.03.11

Can we please stop it with all of these “fights?” This week, the Beta pledges ditched the Roman garb and were charged instead with protecting a snowman. Sounds simple, right? Not if you’re outnumbered by 50 AXO pledges intent on destroying poor Frosty. The girls ignored warnings against showing up, and in their attack, suffered some bumps and bruises from the Beta guardians. Can’t say they didn’t warn you.

A few scrapes should be the least of AXO’s worries, considering the separate incidents this week indicating that finding a toilet might be these girls’ biggest problem. We’re all for good clean fun, but using a desk and a porch as latrines at separate frat houses certainly doesn’t fall into that category.

Seniors converged on Smoke’s for the first night of Feb Club on Tuesday. The place was uncomfrotably packed with the cavemen of the Class of 2011 (those who only come out of hiding in Huntsman for Feb Club), probably eager to bump into long–lost hookups and freshman year roommates. They’ll have plenty more chances, as the festivities continue all month long.

Finally, OCR has been in full–force for a while now, but interviews took a turn for the weird this week. The extremely selective process left some hopefuls confused when a certain ditzy nursing student scored an interview at one of the top investment banks. We’re left wondering, do nurses count as diversity?

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