ArtsFebruary 10, 2011 at 2:00 am

Artspiration: 514 Fitzwater

Adrian Franco | 34st MagazineIt’s difficult for a building to stand out in Queen Village. Every other house seems to have a mural painted on its side or an entryway covered in stunning mirror mosaic. Yet the moment you get to the corner of Fitzwater and South Randolf, you can’t help but stop and stare wide–eyed at the wonder that’s before you.

The house is painted an intense baby blue, much more Cyndi Lauper than newborn–nursery, and ceramic squares in primary colors highlight its art deco features. It’s like Raymond Hood on acid. Whenever I stand before it, I’m taken back to the wonderful, whimsical world of my childhood. To the time when randomly breaking out into song was adorable, not weird. To the time when colors and shapes were more important than words and periods. I can’t help but wonder who lives inside those blue walls, but I know it must be someone ballsy and creative.

This house is confident, like Marilyn Monroe; by no means perfect, but embracing itself and its wonder to the fullest. Looking at it, I feel a little bit of that confidence stick to me, and I always walk away standing taller. The bold red door compliments the purple balconies and the quirky geometric design on the cellar door. It’s vibrant and eclectic and inviting, all attributes I value both in people and in design. 514 Fitzwater is so bizarre and whimsy that it manages to make me reevaluate my day and realize that there is so much around me that is fun and awe–inspiring.

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