EgoDecember 2, 2010 at 4:14 am


Take a seat and indulge in the latest of “where to go” websites: The premise of the site is to “take you to the best places to eat, shop and play in the city.” Luckily for us, Philadelphia is one of the cities on The Feast’s radar.

The site itself is sleek and simple. A plain white background is dotted with article blurbs and toolbar tabs that let you pick between eat, shop and play. The majority of the page is dedicated to the “Philadelphia Feed,” a real–time feed much like Facebook’s, where both original content and outside material is posted. What makes the feed useful instead of overwhelming, is that it contains only article blurbs, a picture here and there and short tweets about special sales. Everything on it is short and sweet, which makes the material easy to digest.

“Eat” is by far The Feast’s strongest section. You can search for restaurants by cuisine, neighborhood, price and pretty much any criterion you can think of. The Feast Rank, a white box that tells you the restaurant’s score (ranging from one to 100), how good it is (anywhere from “terrible” to “epic”) and its neighborhood is extremely useful. It makes looking for a restaurant simple and fast, especially with all the filters you can add to your search.

The Feast is also easy to personalize. You decide which bloggers and sites to follow on your Philly Feed, so you only get the info you’re interested in. The site definitely needs some polish: unlike Time Out New York which has endless articles on shopping, music, art and everything else, The Feast’s spectrum is limited. Even so, The Feast is definitely worth checking out to discover a new restaurant or find out about a secret sale. The Feast streamlines your exploration of the city, cutting out the time you’d usually waste in subpar stores and restaurants. So sit down, log on and start feasting around Philly.

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