EgoDecember 2, 2010 at 4:17 am

Ego(s) Of The Week: Tyler Bernadini and Jack Eggleston

The cutest bromance on campus, Jack Eggleston and Tyler Bernadini, have mastered running the basketball team. When they aren’t fighting over who is a bigger nerd, they are enjoying pre–game naps or trips to Atlantic City. Check them out in the Palestra this winter … we hear they have good heating.

Street: What’s the secret to balancing a varsity sport, friends and work?
Jack Eggleston:
There’s no balance. You just pick one to focus on at a time and hope the other two can take care of themselves.
Tyler Bernadini: Just try to be college; you have your whole life to do work.

Street: If you could play one–on–one with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
I’d play my dad because I know I’d beat him.
T.B.: Alexander the Great, so when I beat him I can be like, “so much for that nickname, loser.”

Street: What’s the lamest couple joke you’ve ever heard?
“Tyler likes Chloe better.” Yeah right. She’s way too short for him.
T.B.: “Jack likes me more…” I know I already have his heart.

Street: Any special pre–game rituals?
Nothing special. Just a nice nap after pre–game meal.
T.B.: Ya, I’ve got a few but apparently they aren’t working. Open to any suggestions though.

Street: What’s the most underrated thing at Penn? Overrated?
Most underrated: the fruit salad stand outside of the Quad. Most overrated: Tyler Bernadini.
T.B.: Underrated: Hill Dining Staff. They are the best. Overrated: Jack Eggleston, what a nerd!

Street: There are two types of people at Penn … ?
People who support Penn athletics and people who couldn’t care less.
T.B.: Nerds and bigger nerds.

Street: What is the question everyone is scared to ask you?
How tall are you? Oh wait, nobody is scared to ask that…
T.B.: Will you ever truly grow up? Hell NO!!!

Street: What is your favorite Philly hotspot?
There’s no place hotter than the Palestra in the winter. Glad I don’t have to pay that heating bill.
T.B.: Rx.

Street: What song is playing when you walk into the room?
“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding.
T.B.: “Like a Boss” by Andy Samberg

Street: Any guilty pleasures?
I have a weak spot for watching rom–coms with my roommates.
T.B.: Atlantic City.

Street: Who is your celebrity doppleganger?
Danny Monckton.
T.B.: Confucius.

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