MusicMarch 25, 2010 at 2:47 am

Hall Pass

According to Naledge, Land of Make Believe has two sides to it. The first is an exploration of the illusions that come with the music industry; the second is celebration. As far as the album goes, it succeeds most when basking in that sense of joy and arrival, making for a timely spring release packed with music that demands to be blasted out of car windows in the sunshine.

A stretch of songs in the middle of the album, going from “Out to Lunch” to “Will II Win,” create a summer-ready playlist that shows the album’s best qualities. Refraining from using samples on every beat, Double O has created some infectious and original sounds, while the three-pronged attack of “Bougie Girls,” “Jukebox” and “L_O_V_E” form a fun progression on the topic of women.

The transition after “Simple Life” is slightly jarring, jumping to self-reflection in an album that has up to this point been about having a good time. Still, kudos to the Kidz for trying to balance substance with their play, and for creating a Land that is worth a visit.

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