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Toasts & Roasts: 02.18.10

Penn girls aren’t known for their saucy antics. Maybe it was the all that V-day lovin’ or snow day cabin fever, but this week Penn ladies were naughtier than ever. Up top, ladies!

Once again the Vagina Monologuers put on a scandalous performance. No, we’re not referring to all that talk about orgasms, pussy and pubes but rather the “wardrobe malfunction” during both shows. Yes, both shows. For those seated in the nosebleed section, there was definite nipple action.

It’s good to see that St. A’s, Castle, and OZ are getting along yet again. Their downtown last night was, however, overrun with ladies of a certain sorority. We sure hope OFSA isn’t seeing red (and pink).

From the looks of the midseason sneak peek, the Real World D.C. is about to get the Penn girl treatment and it’s going to be awesome. Three sophomores from an uncoventional union of sororities (who knew houses of WASPs, coke whores and SDT rejects were such a marketable combination?) nab some camera time by hooking up with various cast members. We think it’s really brave of you to put yourselves out there in front of your parents and millions of viewers. You go girls.

Highbrow loves its snow days. We hate the aftermath. Two thumbs down to post-snow day-depression.

Two giant thumbs down to unshoveled walks. Apparently, the Newman Center thought God would melt the snow for them and certain Spruce Street fraternities were too drunk to shovel. We were drunk too and countless bruises resulted from your inconsiderate behavior. Highbrow hopes you got $50 tickets for breaking the law.

God is punishing sororities and fraternities for their drunken five-day weekend. The powers that be want to institute an RA live-in policy for all Greek houses. Since the danger of this policy cannot be understated, the IFC has started an anti-RA campaign urging the cessation of any illegal activities. Wait, what? Stop having fun to ensure that freshman can still have fun in two years? Um, no.

Stupid snow canceled the Wednesday Vagina Monologues performance. That’s shitty. But what’s even lamer is that Kappa Sigma reserved 20 seats for the rescheduled Saturday performance and then didn’t even show up. WTF, Kappa Sig.

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