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Toasts & Roasts: 2.10.10

Living in the City of Brotherly Love, we often take for granted the fellowship of our neighbors. This week Penn peeps really came together. Highbrow toasts your camaraderie.

JAPs and WASPs played nice nice as sophomores from SDT and Tri-Delt had a big boozy joint dinner. Though they connected over wine and not eating, the real bonding sesh happened pre-event during the naming ceremony. We salute the masterminds who came up with “Sigma Delta Delta Delta Tau”. Way to work together, girls.

Penn students are not only reaching out to each other, but to old people too! Phidelt, Beta, Fiji, and ZBT are welcoming OFSA representatives to live in their homes with open arms. We will see what happens when people stop being nice and things start getting real, but for now we give a thumbs-up to defying age boundaries.

Cheers to the Coup de Taco dude for branching out to other local Mexican food joints. Apparently the taco man was seen waiting in line at Q’Doba for a burrito. At first we thought this was weird because like, he owns his own taco truck, but then we realized he wanted real mexican food.

Everyone knows that February is a month not to be taken seriously. With three less days and three feet more snow than the average month, it might as well be a huge joke. Jeers, to people who aren’t laughing.

Whine if you will, but Tuesday’s canceled Feb Club event was a gift to us all. One less night of awkward, usually hermitic seniors attempting to engage in normative social behavior is a win in our book. If only they had taken the hint and stayed away from Blarney Quizzo.

In an attempt to be relevant, the senior and junior (and sophomore and freshman) class boards “foolishly” organized a celebratory snowball fight. Yeah, the same email was sent to everyone and yeah, no one showed up. Boo, people who take themselves too seriously and the spontaneity out of snowday fun.

One thing we do take seriously is food, but area restaurants don’t: The snow storm saw McDonald’s run out of beef patties and Q’Doba run out of rice. Just useless.

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