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The Round Up 1.21.10

Welcome back and happy twenty-ten! As students trickled back to campus this week, everything seemed a tad more crowded and bit European. That’s right, the fall abroad crop has returned. Unfortunately, juniors’ excited conversations about their best semesters ever were quickly quashed once the disappointing realities of not being 21 came back in full force. Remember kids, legality in Europe will not get you into Smokes. In other news, yet another Greek rush week kicked off. Sorority hopefuls lined the streets in business attire, while freshman boys lived the life. Though sorority rushes lucked out with mild weather, a lucky group of Tri-Delt wannabes got the royal treatment as senior boys hoping to score some freshman ass camped outside the Tri-Delt chapter house offering Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate. For the rest of campus, Friday was interrupted by the shooting at the Bridge Theater. With the gunman on the loose, students feared for their lives leaving Friday night’s festivities with lower than usual turnouts. Or, in the case of Sig Ep ­— completely canceled. To add to the discomfort, tipsters heard disconcerting news in Cream & Sugar as two officers discussed willy-nilly that they had no leads. On a more uplifting note, we rounded out the long MLK Day weekend with philanthropy galore and a successful Aidé Ayiti benefit that raised over $3200. Keep those New Years resolutions goin’ and see you next week!

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