EgoJanuary 21, 2010 at 3:45 am

Ego Of The Week: Freddy Wexler

Penn’s most famous almost-grad, Freddy Wexler, is a singer-songwriter hitting the big time (he’s worked with everyone from Maroon 5 to Lady Gaga…WHAT?!). When all your friends back home start pining over this hunky (and somewhat taciturn) musician, remember, Street clued you in first.

Street: What don’t most people know about you?
FW: I’m a momma’s boy.

Street: There are two types of people at Penn, those who__ and those who___?
FW: Those who do Steak Queen, and those who do Bui’s.

Street: Last purchase?
FW: The domain name:

Street: Any guilty pleasures?
FW: Eating my girlfriend’s vegan food.

Street: You’ve just arrived at your 10-year college reunion. What would people be most surprised to hear about you?
FW: I graduated.

Street: If you could have a superpower for a day what would it be?
FW: I would transport myself into Hitler’s bed, and impose on him the slowest, most gruesome death one could ever imagine. And then be back for “Biology of Human Disease” in the morning.

Street: People say you look like Adrian Grenier. Do you have your own Entourage?
FW: My friends definitely find it entertaining, though I don’t always really see a resemblance.

Street: We’ve heard you’ve got quite the singing voice. Any pre-show remedies or superstitions?
FW: I define singer’s neuroses. (Can’t give away my secret remedy, but it involves a bottle of pickles and a basket of wild rice.)

Street: Who would win in a celebrity death match, your friends or Vincent Chase’s entourage?
FW: Definitely Vincent Chase’s.

Street: Who would you rather grab a drink with: A-Gut or B-Frank?
FW: B-Frank. He’d be a total chick magnet. (I’ve never used that expression and will never use it again)

Street: Has performing music improved your love life?
FW: My love life never needed improvement. (Well, I did meet my girlfriend at my first concert…)

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