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The Roundup: 11.12.09

Penn students refused to let the cold weather and shorter daylight hours get them down, as students (both current and former) were out and about all weekend long. The partying started Friday night at the kickoff to Movember with a $10 Blarney open bar. The nearly all-male group of attendees sported their newly formed crustaches grown in honor of men’s health awareness. The latter we support, the former kind of makes us want to vom. That same night an underwear party was thrown on 42nd Street. Partygoers were asked to check their clothes at the door (literally — we’re told there was an organized clothes check system), while they partied in their panties. Official Homecoming festivities kicked off the next day in preparation for the football game against Princeton. For those who were too inebriated to recall the events: the Quakers defeated the Tigers, but only after the Princeton marching band invaded Van Pelt. Mad 4 Mex got more business than any other day of the year later that afternoon when nearly every single Penn alum on the planet headed over to down some Big Azz margaritas. Equally packed was Smoke’s on both Friday and Saturday nights. Channeling Denim, Joe adorned the line outside with a velvet rope, which kept seniors and middle-aged alum alike waiting for up to 20 minutes. Saturday night marked the Fall of the Berlin Wall party at an off-campus Spruce abode. The house was the hotspot for Penn’s international scene; things got interesting when a fight broke out and the police and fire departments allegedly showed up. In less drunken news, the much publicized UA petition went into circulation on Friday. Backed by many prominent members of Sphinx, the petition motions to have the top two UA positions be elected by the student body. As for us? We’re surprised they aren’t already.

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