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The Round Up: 11.5.09

Never mind the Phillies’ World Series run or anything else going on in the world, there was one thing on everyone’s mind this week: you guessed it, Halloween. While you were all out masquerading as Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, we were on the prowl to record every minute of it. The rest of the population might celebrate the holiday one night a year, but Penn students stepped it up a notch with the festivities beginning on Wednesday night at Tabard’s Dynamic Duos party. For those who had enough stamina to carry on the following evening, options included G Lounge and Palmer Social Club. We hear party-goers at Palmer got an unexpected (and unwelcome) Halloween surprise when a riot erupted in line, forcing the club to temporarily shut their doors. Friday night marked Amy Gutmann’s annual Halloween party. Tipsters tell us Prez A-Gut was decked out in a Mary Poppins outfit; it’s unclear whether any terrorist costumes were in attendance. By the time October 31 rolled around, we were already Hall-over-ween. It seemed you were too, as evidenced by the lack of excitement at the smattering of on-campus house parties. The best news of the night came when 2 a.m. rolled around and bars kept their doors open for an extra hour. Thanks, Daylight Savings! Andre 3000 was reportedly spotted partying at Copa that same night. Maybe he heard about the margaritas? For those who opted for off-campus entertainment, the Making Time techno dance party in Fishtown was so packed that tickets sold out by 11 p.m. Sources tell us those turned down at the door ended up with the last laugh, however: the $30 open bar quickly ran out, and attendees were hard pressed to find cabs back to campus. In case any of you found yourselves swapping spit this weekend, be forewarned: swine flu is still in full force on campus, with a reported 17 cases in one Spruce sorority chapter house alone. Insert your own punchline here. Have tips for the Roundup? Send ‘em in to street-highbrow@dailypennsylvanian.com.

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