Food & DrinkMarch 27, 2008 at 12:00 am



1620 South Street

(215) 790-1620

As Americans, we expect Sunday brunch to consist of oversized portions of French toast, pancakes and omelets. This is not the kind of brunch you will find at Apamate. The portions are much smaller and more moderately priced, with options ranging from $5 to $8. From the Spanish-inspired menu, we ordered yogurt casero con granola, which was topped with strawberry and blueberry granola, honey and fresh fruit. We also treated ourselves to tostas con pisto, toasted bread topped with stewed green and yellow squash, onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant and poached egg, served alongside a house salad. Both were delicious and nicely presented, but a little on the small side. Then, when we asked for fresh fruit on the yogurt (an additional charge of $1.50), we received three measly slices of strawberry, which seemed excessively stingy. Still, the ambiance was very pleasant, with dark red walls and orange accents, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Given the size of the dishes served, I’d recommend ordering more than one plate of food for each member of your party. For dessert, keep in mind that their house specialty are churros. During brunch this classic is served with a cup of melted Spanish chocolate for dipping.

On the whole, Apamate is well equipped to satiate your brunch-time cravings, just remember to order a few more plates than you would otherwise. Europeans are thinner than us for a reason.

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